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‚ÄčExporting Used Car Without COE: Is It Legal?
‚ÄčExporting Used Car Without COE: Is It Legal?

What is COE?

In Singapore, COE is the Certificate of Entitlement. It is usually given to anyone who wants to register a new car. You must obtain the COE according to the appropriate vehicle category.

The COE you get gives you the representation of the right to own a certain vehicle. It also gives you the limited road space for 10 years. When the 10 years are over, you, as the vehicle owner may choose to deregister your vehicle. Alternatively, you may revalidate your COE for an additional 5- 10 years. This will require that you pay the prevailing quota premium.

How do we do it?

With so many countries trying to prevent imports of used cars into their country because of the environmental implications they have, it has become a challenge knowing whether it is possible to export a car without COE. There are 2 ways you could go about it:

1.Ship the special parts

One legal way of exporting a car into any other country without COE is to dismantle the car and ship the parts and sell them in another country of your choice. If the car is still new and has fairly useable parts, like the engine, the gearbox, the other parts of the mechanical components and the panel parts of the body, it will give you good money.

If you package the parts right, for example packing them as household items rather than as car parts, they will be able to pass the inspection and the restrictions that come from exporting car parts. You should ensure that you take it to a scrap operator who is authorized in scrapping cars so it can pass the shipping if you will not package it as household items.

2.Exporting as a drivable vehicle

The other option you have is to ensure that you can use the vehicle and that it can pass some mechanical tests. You will also need to provide all the information about the vehicle and not just the parts it has. Knowing a person who works in JB will allow you to have a way to break it down and ship it. Then you will have to change it into a left handed drive.

There are currently many restrictions when it comes to exporting used cars to other countries. Getting an authorized channel and knowing people in the industry will help you find an easy channel to export the car or its parts easily and without any problems with authorities.

Direct Cars is one such authorized channel that can you with your car scrapping needs.