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Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Information

Upon the visit or use of Directcars Pte Ltd's website, there may be information collected and stored from you, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Such information would consist of Personal Information (including but not limited to, name, contact numbers, address, and email), Payment Information (including but not limited to, credit card numbers and billing information) and Statistical Information (including but not limited to, browser type, IP address, keyword searches, sessions, operating system, pages viewed and traffic to and from Directcars Pte Ltd). Third party service providers are used to add contacts, process payment and analyze statistics. There are also third party web links on Directcars Pte Ltd which leads you to another website and you may be subjected to their own terms and conditions and privacy policy. You are advised to read the third party website's term and conditions and privacy policy before use.

2. How we use your Information

Information collected from you may be used to create accounts, manage traffic, provide customer service, resolve disputes and generate statistical analytics for Directcars Pte Ltd. We may share your information for the operation of Directcars Pte Ltd website and its services. Retention of your information may be required, even after the termination of your account. Upon the usage of Directcars Pte Ltd website and services, you hereby acknowledge, agree and consent Directcars Pte Ltd to collect, store and use your information.

3. Disclosure

We reserve the right to disclose your information to relevant authorities in order to comply with legal, governmental or regulatory obligations (including but not limited to, court orders, subpoenas and warrants). We may also disclose your information if a user is involved in activities which are unlawful, have breached the Terms and Conditions of Directcars Pte Ltd or caused harm to others and/or Directcars Pte Ltd.

4. Cookies

We use cookies to store certain information about you to manage your interests, preferences, sessions and tracking. Third party service providers on our website may also use cookies. However, we do not have control or access over such cookies used by the third party service providers. Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a web server to your browser and stored on your computer hard drive. You have the ability to configure your cookies preferences through your browser settings. By limiting your cookies preference, certain services on Directcars Pte Ltd may not be available.

5. Information Security

We employ various security measures to protect your personal information. Your account information is safe guarded by your unique email and password. You are advised not to divulge your password to anyone, not to save your login information on a shared computer and remember to sign out and close the browser after each session. We strongly discourage posting of any information which you do not wish to disclose to others. You acknowledge, agree and consent that your information may be transmitted over the Internet, which may be outside your home country and resident jurisdiction. Most electronic transmissions cannot be perfectly secured. Therefore, you acknowledge and agree that Directcars Pte Ltd, its directors, officers, affiliates, agents, service providers and employees will not be liable for any damage incurred or cause of alteration, theft, loss unauthorized access or misuse of your personal information.

6. Changes

Directcars Pte Ltd reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at our sole discretion. In the event that Directcars Pte Ltd is partially sold, merged into another company or transferred to another business entity, the acquiring company or business entity will obtain access to your information without your consent. Under such circumstances, a notification of change may be sent to you.

7. Data Protection Officer

Directcars Pte Ltd has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who will respond to any requests or concerns from you regarding this Privacy Policy, what personal data is held by us and how it has been used.

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