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Buying second-hand cars can be very tricky and difficult, and if you do not know the first thing about cars, you may end up with a bad deal.

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Some people prefer buying slightly used vehicles instead of brand new ones to save money, but in order to avoid getting tricked and to ensure you land a good deal, here are 3 things you need to bear in mind before purchasing that used car.

1. Ask for the Car Record

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When buying used cars, it is strongly advised to first look for the car's history record and other supporting documents. Car records will show you how long the car has been used and how well the vehicle is maintained.

Checking the car record will also give you presence of mind, or will at least let you know what problems to expect if you go through with your purchase. If, for example, the car has not been serviced for a while, you will know that that will be one of the first tasks that you will have to take care of.

At the very least, checking the record will help keep you from buying a stolen car or unknowingly paying good money for a damaged car.

2. Conduct Test Drives

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Before finally deciding on that second-hand car, it is best that you do a couple of test drives to check the car's overall performance. Cars that have seen action for five years or more will likely need more maintenance.

Also, conducting test drives is an effective evaluation tool to get a good feel of the car in terms of comfort and efficiency. A car is more than just a machine, after all, and doing a test drive will let you get a feel of its "personality".

3. Consult the Pros

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For newbies who do not have the slightest idea about cars, it is highly suggested that you seek the help of a professional.

Instead of doing car evaluation yourself, you may consult a good mechanic and have the car checked and tested. This would not only spare you the worry but would also ensure that you get a good deal. In any case, having a mechanic with you will help you spot potential problems with your second-hand car.