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Enhanced national standards for safe deployment of autonomous vehicles in SingaporeView from inside an autonomous vehicle. (File photo: AFP/Daniel Roland)

SINGAPORE: A set of provisional national standards to guide the safe deployment of fully autonomous vehicles in Singapore has been enhanced following a review, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Standards Council (SSC) announced on Friday (Sep 3).

These standards - in the form of technical reference (TR) 68 - will now include new guidelines on the application of machine learning, software updates management, cybersecurity principles and testing framework.

This will enable the autonomous vehicles to keep pace with recent technology advancements, and further smoothen the transition from development to operationalisation of the autonomous vehicles, said LTA and SSC in a joint media release.

"It also provides updated safety guidelines for the test-bedding of AV (autonomous vehicle) solutions on Singapore roads. To facilitate the co-creation of smart mobility solutions and enhance AV interoperability among different service providers, the revised standards feature updates to data types and formats," both parties added.

This follows a review conducted from March 2020 and July this year by four working groups appointed by the SSC, and overseen by Enterprise Singapore.

The review was led by the industry and supported by the LTA, said the SSC and LTA.

TR 68 was first published in 2019 and since then, more than 200 enterprises have accessed the TR 68, said LTA and SSC.

The TR provides guidance to industry players in their deployment and deployment of AV solutions and helps to build up Singapore's AV ecosystems which includes start-ups, SMEs, and testing inspection and certification service providers."

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation - Standards Development Organisation will be scheduling a workshop in October to help companies understand and implement TR 68 effectively.

TR 68 can be purchased from the Singapore Standards website.