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Anyone who's ever experienced the frustration of driving circles around a carpark looking for an empty spot will appreciate this new service.
An app that's preparing to launch in Singapore is touting its ability to allow users to pre-book a parking lot for a "stress free experience". On its website, SureReserve said it was "leveraging advanced technologies" so drivers could make advance reservations for the "most desirable" parking spots.

Images by the company shows this will include barriers that can can be unlocked via an app.

Image of SureReserve's app mock-up

Image by SureReserve

Image of SureReserve's parking barriers

Image by SureReserve

So far, the company have not listed any locations where its service will be provided.

The website says the app is "coming soon" to both Google Play and the Apple App store, though eager drivers can sign up to receive notifications for its launch.

Doing so with your email address and filling out a survey will get you free reservation coupons.

Will be found in S'pore's leading shopping malls

Responding to queries from Mothership, a spokesperson from SureReserve said that Singaporeans can expect to see the service at "leading shopping malls, mixed-use and commercial properties with high visitor footfall."

The spokesperson — who declined to disclose which malls they were woking with — added that the service would be deployed in a small percentage of the lots, conveniently located near a mall's access points.

"A nominal booking fee will be charged only to those who wish to avail of the service. All other drivers can park as they normally do."

Booking fees will be charged in-app and the parking lot will be reserved for a period of time, before being released to others in the case of a no-show.

SureReserve said that its service would be available in Singapore before the end of the year.

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