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Land Rover meets Tesla: What you need to know about Rivian, the EV-maker that went public last week

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For people exposed in the industry of car dealership, one common challenge is the process of transforming used cars into something more bankable in the market. Since secondhand vehicles tend to have more issues in the long run, the need to properly maintain the vehicle, especially in terms of performance and aesthetics, is a must.

Listed below are some common HACKS in order to carry out the task most efficiently. Let this be your ultimate guide in pitching a higher price when selling your used vehicle.

  1. Redo Inside Out

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A standard practice among car sellers is to maintain the attractiveness of the vehicle. The car's color may have faded over time and need some major body repainting. Or perhaps the headlights or side-mirrors need replacing. Either way, the car should pose an impression that it is fresh and ready to get on the road again.

  1. Neat and Shiny

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You can probably get a good deal with your used vehicle if the aesthetics are in order. Start by doing a car wash. Potential buyers will definitely inspect the car's cleanliness and orderliness. Apply car wax as well. Make sure that the carpets are thoroughly washed and vacuumed. In this way, you can impress potential buyers by presenting a shining, spotless car.

  1. Car Repair and Maintenance

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Among the three (3) suggested approaches, this is the most crucial. Beyond aesthetics, the major concern of the buyer would be the vehicle's performance and efficiency. The car may have been on the road for more than five (5) years now, and complications are on the way. But in order to prevent this, a regular check-up of the vehicle should be conducted. Start by greasing the oil or replacing any broken engine parts. This would ensure a better quality of the vehicle. Or you can also consult a professional car mechanic to do the job for you.